Forces everything that depends on the specified keypaths (whether directly or indirectly) to be 'dirty checked'. This is useful if you manipulate data without using the built in setter methods (i.e. ractive.set(), ractive.animate(), or array modification):

ractive.observe( 'foo', function ( foo ) {
    alert( foo );
model.foo = 'changed';
ractive.update( 'foo' ); // causes observer to alert 'changed'

If no keypath is specified, all mustaches and observers will be checked.

ractive.update( keypath )

Returns a Promise (see Promises)

keypath String

The keypath to treat as 'dirty'. Any mustaches or observers that depend (directly or indirectly) on this keypath will be checked to see if they need to update


Returns a Promise (see Promises). This 'dirty checks' everything.