Get started

Welcome! These pages aim to provide all the information you need to master Ractive.

Where to get Ractive

Ractive is published regularly to npm as both regular and dev builds. Since unpkg mirrors the npm registry in link-friendly way, you can download or link to any Ractive version from there:

15 second overview

Using Ractive is very simple. An instance is created using new Ractive({...}) with the desired options:

var ractive = new Ractive({
  target: 'container',
  template: '<p>{{greeting}}, {{recipient}}!</p>',
  data: { greeting: 'Hello', recipient: 'world' }

While there are no required options, the three shown above - target, template and data - are the most common. They specify what data to bind to what template and where it should be placed in the html document.

A good way to get up and running is with the 60 second setup.

Checkout the Configuration Options to learn more about all the available options.