The Ractive equivalent to Array.splice that can add new elements to the array while removing existing elements.

ractive.splice( keypath, index, removeCount, add... )

Returns a Promise (see Promises) that will resolve with the removed elements after the update is complete.

keypath String

The keypath of the array to change, e.g. list or order.items.

index Number

The index at which to start the operation.

removeCount Number

The number of elements to remove starting with the element at index. This may be 0 if you don't want to remove any elements.


Any elements to insert into the array starting at index. There can be 0 or more elements passed to add to the array.

If the given keypath does not exist (is undefined), an empty array will be supplied instead. Otherwise, if the given keypath does not resolve to an array, an error will be thrown.