Resets a partial and re-renders all of its use-sites, including in any components that have inherited it. If a component has a partial with a same name that is its own, that partial will not be affected.

Inline partials that don't belong directly to a Ractive instance aren't affected by resetPartial.

ractive = new Ractive({
  // ...,
  partials: { foo: 'foo' }
// {{>foo}} will be replaced with 'foo'
ractive.resetPartial('foo', 'bar');
// {{>foo}} will be replaced with 'bar'

ractive.resetPartial(name, partial)

Returns a Promise (see Promises)

name String

The partial to reset.

partial String|Object|Function

The new partial to use in place of the one identified by name.

  • String - will be parsed as a template
  • Object - should be a pre-parsed template
  • Function - should return either a string or pre-parsed template